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  • Dr. H. Kishore Kumar is the founder and Managing Director of MAITRI AYURVEDA HEALTH AND  WELLNESS CENTRE, the most prominent and veteran Ayurvedic Doctor in Hyderabad city who has been healing, educating, and treating the patients to ensure that they have the best possible care. He is very much empathetic in serving the patients for the past 8 years of his rich and vast experience.
  • He is a Post Graduate in Ayurveda from distinguished SV Government Ayurvedic Medical College, Tirupathi. He has also completed Diploma in Yoga Therapy and Stress Management from Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeet, Tirupathi.
  • He has treated and cured several long standing diseases with his experience in customised Panchakarma management.
  • Dr. H. Kishore Kumar is specialized in treating chronic diseases, Pain Management, Back and Shoulder Pain Management, Skin & Hair Care Treatments, and over all wellness to maintain a healthy life style.
  • Dr. H. Kishore Kumar has written many articles also attended and presented many oral presentations in the International Conferences and National Seminars.
  • He has received many awards specifically like the best paper presenter in National Conference entitled "Trends in Cancer Research under one health concept" 2017, Two awards from International Journal for Research Under Literal Access ((RJULA), "Innovative Researcher in Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics" 2018, "Best Researcher in Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics 2019, from RULA Awards powered by World Health Council".
  • Dr. H. Kishore Kumar has got many happy clients from various fields including Celebrities, IT Professionals, Business personalities, and some Renowned Athletes in Hyderabad.
  • Dr. H. Kishore Kumar's long term vison is to create the Interest and Awareness about Ayurveda in all the possible ways and give the best Ayurvedic wellness services to the people.


  • The Name Maitri indicates “Friendliness/ Kindlness”.
  • Maitri Ayurveda Health And wellness Centre is established in the month of August 2022 With the intention of serving our patients with utmost sincerity and care.
  • Situated in Kavuri Hills, Madhapur with a pleasing ambience equipped with all top-class traditional and modern facilities, with experienced therapists under the supervision of experienced doctor delivering treatments for the all the chronic, acute and long-standing illnesses.
  • As our Tag line indicates – “SWASTHYAM SARVARTHASADHANAM” – Health (Swasthya) is necessary for attainment of Sarvartha (Four Objects of Human Life – Chaturvidha Purushartha). They are Dharma (Moral way of living), Artha (Ethical earning), kama (Desires and wishes made in ethical way), Moksha (Salvation). To attain these chaturvidha purushartha health is necessary. Hence protecting health should be one’s primary concern.
  • Therefore with the same moto – protecting the health of our patients remains our ultimate responsibility.
  • Health means absence of both physical and mental diseases. Wellness means the state of living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Maitri Ayurveda Health and Wellness Centre is a place where the person with diseased condition related to mind and body is brought back to the balance healthy state. And a person who is healthy and wants to take care of his body, preventive and rejuvenative treatments are offered.
  • Individualised constitutional assessment of each person will be carried out irrespective of the health complaints.
  • Customised diet and lifestyle management is suggested to each and every patient.
  • Panchakarma therapy will be advised only on the basis of individual’s constitution and the presenting complaints.
  • Cosmetic and trichology treatments, Karkidaka chikitsa (monsoon treatments) are also included under services.
  • At Maitri Ayurveda – we don’t comprise on Treatment quality and patient care. Correcting the health of the patient/person obeying the fundamental principles of Ayurveda by providing authentic Ayurvedic treatments for achieving best possible result will be our dedicated aim.



Ayurveda is the oldest science on the earth. Ayu means “life”, Veda means “science”- Ayurveda means “Science of Life”. Ayurveda originated in India 5000 years ago and is called as “mother of all healing”. It is believed that Ayurveda is originated from Lord Brahma and was passed on to his disciple Daksha Prajapathi for maintaining the Universe. Daksha Prajapati conveyed this treatise to the twins Ashvin Kumaras, divine horse-masters who were children of Surya the Sun God. The Ashvins are the Gods of health and medicine, and they passed on the Ayurveda to Indra, the King of Heaven and Chief among Gods. Thus, the divine lineage of Ayurveda on earth was firmly established, and the process of spreading its lessons to an ailing planet finally began and has reached for the goodness of the mankind.

Though the Ayurveda is the ancient science, it is one of the most scientific and advanced science a human being can witness. That is the sole reason why its fundamentals, principles, preventive and curative aspects are still prevalent since ages.


Prakruti - In Ayurveda, each person is different and has an individual blue print since birth. This is called as “Prakruti” – Constitution of the person. Basing on the constitution of the person, each person has a particular pattern of energy— an individual combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics. This constitution is determined at conception by a number of factors and remains the same throughout one’s life. Many factors, both internal and external, act upon us to disturb this balance and are reflected as a change in one’s constitution from the balanced state (Eg. Emotional and physical stresses, diet and food habits, seasons and weather, physical trauma etc.) Once these factors are understood, one can take appropriate actions to nullify or minimize their effects or eliminate the causes of imbalance and re-establish one’s original constitution. Balance is the natural order; imbalance is disorder. Health is order; disease is disorder. Within the body there is a constant interaction between order and disorder. When one understands the nature and structure of disorder, one can re-establish order.

The concept of Prakriti makes Ayurveda unique from other medical systems. Selection of treatment, medicine is different for each individual depending upon their Prakriti. Ayurveda also suggest about food which is conductive, foods which need to be avoided according to Prakriti. Assessment of Prakriti analysis will not only help in understanding the physical and mental constitution of patient, but also plays a vital role in prognosis, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of many diseases. There are no generalised medicines or treatments unlike other contemporary medical systems. In Ayurveda “Each Individual is Special”.

It is said that – a person with Samadosha (Equllibrium state of Doshas), Sama Agni (Balanced Digestive Fire), Samadhatu (Equilibrium state of Tissue Elements), Mala (proper elimination of Faeces, Flatus and Urine), Pleasant mind, soul and senses is considered to be Swastya (healthy). This indicates the definition of Health in Ayurveda. Anything opposite to this or having imbalanced state is considered as diseased.

Tridoshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha are three name of tridoshas –Vata (air), Pitta (bile) and Kapha (Phlegm). Dosas are basically three different forms of energy. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are responsible for all the physiological and psychological processes within the body and mind – dynamic forces that determine growth and decay. Most of the physical phenomena ascribed to the nervous system by modern physiology for example, can be identified with Vata. Just as the entire chemical process operating in the human body can be attributed to Pitta, including enzymes and hormones. The complete nutritional system, activities of the skeletal and the anabolic system, actually the entire physical volume of an organism, can be considered as Kapha.


AGNI - According to Ayurveda, man is created from the essence of five basic elements which make up the nature. They are Panchamahabhutas; these elements along with life element Atma take part in the formation of our physical form. All the body and mind components are made up of these elements. Thus, human body constitutes a miniature nature. In short, we can say – the Air is represented within us in the form of Vata, the Fire is represented within us in the form of Pitta and the Water is represented within us in the form of Kapha.

Agni means Fire. Fire is a basic essential of life and has been a proof of our evolution and a source of lot of innovations through ages. Even today much of our life activities depend on fire and its utility in one or other form. The biological fire that governs metabolism, agni encompasses all the changes in the body and mind from the dense to the more subtle. Such changes include the digestion and absorption of food, cellular transformations, assimilation of sensory perceptions and mental and emotional experiences. Agni therefore covers whole sequences of chemical interactions and changes in the body and mind. Digestive abilities being related to the strength of agni. A balanced agni therefore is vital for health. The strength of the body to resist disease and also its physical strength are directly related to its heat energy determining the metabolic processes of the body. Disturbances of Agni are usually the chief causes of disease. Nowadays most of the diseases are due to improper metabolism and its abnormal functioning. (Eg. Thyroid disorders, Diabetes, PCOD, Obesity, Hypercholestremia, ASD etc). Whatever the disease may be, Agni assessment is done to understand the cause. Thus Ayurveda always emphasises the treatment from the core aspect Agni.

  • SAPTADHATUS - According to Ayurveda our body is made up of seven Dhatus (Body tissue). The sapta (seven) Dhatus (Tissues) elements form the pillars of the body that form the means of nourishment and growth while providing support to the body as well the mind. They are Rasa dhatu (Plasma/Lymph), Rakta dhatu (Blood), Mamsa dhatu (Muscular tissue), Meda dhatu (Adipose tissue), Majja dhatu (Bone marrow), Shukra (Generative tissue (including semen and ovum constituents, stem cells). Since the dhatus support and derive energy from each other, affecting one can influence others. Hence balanced state of Dhatus has to be maintained to protect the normalcy in the health.
  • MALA - Malas are the various waste products of food and the dhatus produced during the normal digestive and metabolic process. Those which bring about purification of the body after getting expelled from the body are called malas. The three primary malas being Purisa (faeces), Mutra (urine), Sveda (sweat). For the body to enjoy its health, the excreta should be thrown out of the body in right proportions in right time. They also keep the mind and senses pleasant and healthy. This concept has been accepted scientifically as GUT-BRAIN mechanism by the modern medicine, which states the healthy state of the gut has its role on the activities of the brain especially in Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  • As per Ayurveda, waste matters of the body are as important as body tissues for maintenance of good health and longevity. The tridoshas, seven body tissues and three types of waste matters in the body – these 13 form the structural and functional components of the body. They support the body functions and contribute to health in their own ways.
  • PLEASANT SOUL, SENSES, MIND – Apart from the structural and functional aspects Ayurveda also stresses on the Spiritual and Mental aspects for a person to be healthy. This can be justified with the increase in the presence of many mentally affected problems like stress, psychosomatic problems, depression etc. Hence, for a person to be healthy physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing is mandatory.

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