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Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

Even the statement is apt in its sense but appearing beautiful and healthier in their natural skin matters a lot. A healthier skin and Hair adds up to the natural beauty of the individual. In today’s world the sense of fashion, use of cosmetics and economy of cosmetic industry is growing at an exponential rate. Majority of individuals are spending huge amount of their revenue for the purchase of different varieties of cosmetic products. A wide range of cosmetic products and cosmetic treatments are available in the market globally. Over usage of Chemically manufactured cosmetic products may cause various health issues of skin as they are largely categorized as external applications. So there is a necessity to understand the harmful effects of these chemically processed products and to switch to the usage of naturally prepared ayurvedic treatments and products.

Beauty though being an external feature also depends on internal health and environment. A healthy body and mind enhances and aids in additional beauty. Day to day life activities and polluted environment induce stress and play a major role in imbalance of health there by affecting beauty of an individual.

Face is the index of mind

A beautiful face is an indication of healthy body, mind and soul. Its not only the face or the fairness of skin that is to be considered as beauty but a collective contribution of radiance & glow of skin, fresh & expressive eyes, shiny & glossy lips, Shiny, smooth & Elastic hair and attractive smile that is considered as beauty.

Skin and hair are mammalian characteristic features both of which play a major role in promoting beauty. Lips, teeth helps in increasing the cosmetic beauty. Skin is the largest gland of human body and composed of 3layers made of water, protein, fats and minerals which have multipurpose functions like

  1. Protective barrier
  2. Makes new skin
  3. Protects body.
  4. Provides skin colour.
  1. Grows hair.
  2. Temperature sensation. (Due to presence of nerves)
  3. Makes oil.
  4. Produces sweat.
  5. Supplies blood.
  1. Cushions muscle and bones.
  2. Regulates body temperature.

Beauty of an individual is often considered as fairer, softer and radiant skin. Now-a-days various factors play a crucial role in maintaining and affecting beauty which includes stress, sleep, climate, pollution, diet and lifestyle.

Stress has become a major factor in affecting facial glow and texture of skin as mind and skin are intertwined. Physical and physiological stress causes emotional and hormonal imbalance afflicting the skin and the hair.

Proper sleep provides good physical, mental health and promotes skin repair. Lack of sleep induces dark circles under eyes, early signs of ageing , loss of facial glow. Adequate sleep improves quality of life too.

With growing urbanization, utilization of motor vehicles is growing rapidly leading to environmental pollution which on constant exposure to skin and hair causes tanning, eruptions, itching and infectious skin diseases. Dust, smoke and other vehicular emissions play a major role in affecting the condition of skin and causes premature hair fall and baldness etc.

Climatic conditions like exposure to harmful UV radiation hampers normal tone, texture and colour of skin. Sun light and high humidity leads to profuse sweating which causes tanning, destroys water content, allergic rashes, itching and develops hyper pigmented skin. Cold weather causes dryness of skin, tightens skin pores and reduces blood circulation leading to reduced sebum production.

Junk, Spicy, Oily foods, smoking, Alcohol & Drug abuse leads to altered health conditions affected skin health by causing acne, rashes etc due to imbalance in the doshes of the body, accumulation of toxins and altered immunity. Skin becomes susceptible and receptacle to all types of allergens externally and internally exhibiting many abnormal conditions like Acne, Wrinkles, Sun tan, Colored spots, Stretch marks, Rashes, Melasma etc..

Long usage of steroids in the form of medications or in daily cosmetic products will not have a complete cure on skin disorders besides can cause Adverse drug reactions leading to a incurable skin abnormalities. Continuous usage of chemicals in the form of shampoo, hair masks, hair gels etc. are leading to thinning of hair follicles, male pattern and female pattern baldness etc.

Maitri Ayurveda focuses on complete cure without any chances of retention providing a positive skin and hair health thereby promoting overall health condition. A variety of Ayurvedic procedures are followed to promote skin care and hair care.

Abhyanga (Oil Massage):

Abhyanga here refers to facial oil massage which is a kind of feel good therapy which provides good glow and even tone to facial skin by increasing blood circulation to facial tissues. It is performed by providing gentle strokes of massage to face and should be in direction of upward and outward motion. This is done specially to the facial skin and also to the whole body skin.


A therapeutic, relaxing, soft massage using medicinal herbs with small quantity of oil or cream.

It helps in strengthening skin tone, Provide Anti-aging effect, moisturize skin to prevent daily wear and tear.

Udvartana (Powder massage)

A deep tissue massage using herbal powders which acts like scrubbing by removing excessive oiliness and clears clogged pores.

It strengthens facial muscles and helps in exfoliation of dead cells, improves blood circulation resulting in softness and brightness to skin. This procedure is also done to the whole body.

Mukha Varnyakara Lepa (Face pack)

A method of application of a thin layer of medicated powder enriched with goodness of manjishta, chandana, sariva etc herbs mixture depending upon the skin condition blended with liquids(Rose water, Honey etc) and applied over face for a certain period of time(only during day time) and washed with lukewarm water.

Regular application of face packs will provide soft, smooth, even toned and glowing skin.

Different varieties of face pack available for conditions like

  1. To increase the flow and complexion (brightening face pack)
  2. To reduce the hyperpigmentation.(anti-pigmentation face pack)
  3. To reduce the wrinkles (anti-ageing face pack)
  4. To reduce the pimples ( anti -acne face pack)

Medicated Wash (Face wash)

  • Face wash generally with water   helps in removal of dirt and other debris of skin.
  • Helps in cleansing of peripheral skin and imparts freshness to skin.
  • A medicated face wash is performed by decoction of herbal drugs capable of clearing blemishes of skin and enhancing glow to skin.


Hair of an individual is compared to crown of a king as both loose their charm if damaged or lost. Black, thick, soft, long and smooth hair reflects health and beauty. Hair one of the characteristic feature of mammal is a protein filament grows from follicles found in dermis. Hair is found in many patterns, colors and styles. Curly, straight, wavy, silky, tufty are the various type hair growth patterns. Color of hair is dependent on the melanin pigment. Black, brown coloured hair cover major amount of population besides all other naturally occurring white or reddish colored hair may be due to deficiency of melanin pigment.

Genetic, stress, environmental, pathological conditions etc., may cause defects of hair like Baldness(pattern or whole), Hair fall, Dandruff, Premature graying, loss of hair density etc. Lack of proper application of oil, continuous usage of helmets and sweat accumulated to it, excess pitta in the body etc are also considered as triggering factors for hairloss.

All the pathological conditions of hair can be managed and taken care by special natural therapies to retain the normal healthy conditions of hair and for sustaining its strength and elasticity to bring a beautiful look to hair and face.


Nasya karma is instillation or inhalation of medicated drugs though nasal pathways or Nostrils. This treatment provides nourishment to the hair follicles, strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair loss.


The process of filling or retaining oil on the surface of head with the help of a cap is known to be Shiro basti. This helps in reducing the localized pitta on the scalp region and rejuvenates the hair and hair follicles growth.


A small cotton piece or swab is dipped in the medicated oil and kept on the anterior frontanella is known as Shiro pichu. This helps in triggering the marma region of the scalp and reduces the abnormalities in the scalp region.


Continous pouring of medicated liquid in a systematic manner on the fore head or scalp using dhara yantra is known as Shiro- dhara.


  1. Prevents hairfall and accelerates growth of hair.
  2. Nourishes and strengthens hair follicle.
  3. Reduces dryness and lubricates scalp.
  4. Puts a check to premature graying of hair and dandruff.
  5. Increases blood circulation and nourishes scalp.
  6. Balances doshas.
  7. Reduces stress and provides relaxation.
  8. Reduces anxiety.

Different treatment available in maitri ayurveda for hair conditions are:

  1. Anti-Dandruff treatment
  2. Anti-Hairfall treatment
  3. Kesha Samvardhana treatment-To increase the volume of the hairs
  4. Kesha Ranjana treatment- to impart color to the hair

Kesha krishneekarana treatment- to impart black color and to prevent premature greying of hairs.


Shiny teeth and rosy lips may be the most desirable but healthy ones only resemble in a desired way. So a healthy daily routine and purificatory steps should be followed to be free from foul smell, dental caries, dryness and scaly lips.

Kavala & Gandusha

Process of holding liquid substances i.e. decoction or oil in the oral cavity for specific amount of time with or without any movement .


  1. Strength to Mandibles.
  2. Strengthens oral cavity.
  3. Dryness of mouth and cracks over lips will be relieved.
  4. Gums become stronger and intact.
  5. Perception of taste increases.
  6. Voice gets clear.

Apart from nature, Poetic beauty of humans is confined and restricted to face only. Beauty being a collective contribution can also maintained by following some natural measures like intake of required water quantity, consumption of seasonal fruits, hygienic habits, maintaining good conduct and serving mankind.

Skin is very sensitive, and so are the eyes, lips and hair and it should be well nourished and protected. Best look is always very well achieved by age old ayurvedic remedies which can be a boon if followed properly. It is high time to replace synthetic cosmetics with that of traditionally tested, tried and trusted herbal cosmetics.


Sarvendriyaanam nayanam pradhaanam

Eyes are considered as the most vital organs of the body. To experience the natural beauty or to appear beautiful healthy eyes brings a remarkable effect. Vision disturbances, structural and functional abnormalities of eyes may deprive you of proper observation as well as hinders appearance of an individual. Care has to be taken for protection and proper functioning of eyes. Natural purificatory procedures can be adopted which helps in pacifying the aggravated doshas, provides natural cleansing effect, gives freshness and shine to eyes.


Application of medicaments in the form of paste (medicated herbs) into conjuctival fornices with an applicator(Shalaka) is referred to as Anjana. It is a process that can be performed on regular basis.


Akshi Tarpana is a process of filling eyes with medicated oil or ghee in a compartment made out of wet flour of black gram around the eyes for a certain perid of time.


Instillation of medicated drops in to open eyes from a height of 2 inches is defined as Aschyothana. It is referred to as first line treatment in diseases of eyes.


It is a procedure of pouring the liquid medicines very slowly to open from a height of four angula.


Applicayion of medicated paste to the outer surface of eyelids leaving eye lashes untouched is referred to as vidalaka.


  1. Clarity in eyes.
  2. Eyes become active, clean and attractive.
  3. Feeling of lightness in eye
  4. Relieves eye strain and lowers deleterious effects of prolonged exposure to electronic screens.
  5. Strengthens the nerves and muscles of eyes.
  6. Freshness to eyes and increases circulation to facial tissues.
  7. Mitigates aggravated doshas.
  8. Nourishment to tired, dry, rough and injured eyes.
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